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Registration of a new user

  • How to complete the registration form

    Complete, please, all the required items of the form in the section “Registration of new user”, especially your actual e-mail address.

    Please pay due attention while entering your e-mail address. If you do not enter a valid e-mail address you will not be able to complete activation of your user account and you will have to register again.

    Set a password that you will use along with your e-mail address or an assigned user ID for logging into the system.

    If you register as an institution, fill in the sections “Sending institution” and “Address” its name and address.

    If you register as private individual participant, please leave the section “Sending Institution” blank and fill in your personal address in the section “Address”.

    If any of the required items (darker font color) is incomplete, the system will reject your registration and you will be asked to complete the requested information.

    After a successful registration you will be sent a message to your e-mail address provided during the registration. You will activate your personal account by the link provided in the e-mail sent to you. The registration is completed by the activation of your account.

    If you do not activate your personal account within 24 hours after sending your registration, you will not be able to log in to the system.

  • What to do if I want to register another person for an institution or several persons at once

    When registering, please follow the same instructions as if you were to enrol yourself, i.e. the instructions mentioned above, but indicating that you are acting on behalf of an institution. The way of applying for a specific conference is different, though. For more information on how to apply for a particular conference go to the registration system.

    If you wish to enrol several persons, please, do not submit their applications separately.

    Even in case you do not want to register yourself to a particular event, set up your own registration. You will then act as an administrator of multiple registrations submitted for other persons in the system.

    After registering and activating your personal account please log in the system and select event you would like to participate in. After pressing the Apply button you will be offered the option to make a multiple registration.

Personal information
  • If you are a student or a graduate of MU, then enter your personal ID (uco) and the application will be linked to your account in the IS MU. If you are not a graduate of the university do not have any, leave the box blank.
Sending institution
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  • Adresa nebyla ověřena.
Login information
  • Enter the password that you will use to log in the system here.